Certification Commission for Healthcare IT (CCHIT) Posts new Criteria for EMR’s

The Certification Commission for Healthcare IT posted on its Web site proposed criteria for ambulatory and inpatient electronic health records.

The criteria is planned to be finalized by the end of the year, and CCHIT will test it in early 2007 and then accept applications for certification in May.

Ambulatory EHR vendors that seek certification or recertification in 2007 must be able to receive lab results, replace preliminary results with final results and process the final results. CCHIT also will discuss whether vendors will use version 1.1 of the EHR-Lab Interoperability and Connectivity Standards or the IS-01 EHR-Lab from the Healthcare IT Standards Panel.

Other proposed 2007 ambulatory EHR criteria include:

  • Expansion of interoperability criteria;
  • Four transactions using standards for prescriptions from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs; and
  • Verification of drug or medical insurance in standard transactions from the Committee on Operating Rules.

CCHIT is accepting public comments until Oct. 27.

CCHIT is proposing pilot tests in 2007 to see if vendors can receive a registration summary and import it into their EHR using different standards (Health Data Management, 9/25).

The draft documents published on Sept. 25 also give insight into criteria being considered for 2008 and beyond. The documents are available near the bottom of CCHIT’s home page under “What’s New” at cchit.org. Or directly here


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