Physician Group Urges Retail Clinics To Adopt EHRs

Feb 06 2007

Retail health clinics in drug and grocery stores, malls and other locations should use an electronic health record system that can collect and transmit patient data to family physician offices, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, Health Data Management reports.

Adopting an EHR system was one of five core attributes AAFP said the more than 20 retail clinic chains need to provide quality care. The other four attributes are:

  • A detailed and limited scope of health service;
  • Use of evidence-based medicine;
  • A connection with other community physician practices to provide continuity of care, which would include physician supervision of the mid-level practitioners used at retail clinics; and
  • A patient referral system to physician practices for treatments beyond the scope of retail clinics and encouraging patients to obtain a primary care physician.

Three major retail clinics — MinuteClinic, RediClinic and Take Care Health — have endorsed the attributes and an accompanying set of policies developed by AAFP. The retail clinic chains already comply with the attributes but will adopt the accompanying policies where necessary (Health Data Management, 2/5).

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