Government And Private Medical Sharing Technology To Begin Pilot Program In Tampa

April 19, 2007 VitaBeat

The U.S. Defense Department will be partnering with the private sector hospitals in the Tampa, FL area soon, according to an Armed Forces Press Service report. The goal is “to share electronic medical record keeping expertise and technology.”

This partnership is a pilot program, which is part of President Bush’s initiative to align the U.S. medical community’s implementation of computerized record keeping within the next 10 years, according to a U.S. Health Affairs representative.

An additional goal of the Department of Defense is to have the new system initiated and actually begin running it within one year. The clinical data for inpatients needs to be added to the current outpatient medical record keeping system.

The ultimate goal is to develop and establish an inpatient system of medical records that can be accessed by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Passwords and encryption computer security measures will be implemented to keep the medical records safeguarded, while partnerships with the private medical sector will allow both entities to gain needed expertise and experience.

This type of partnership between the government and the private sector’s medical community is already ongoing through the government’s commercial-source provider of the TRICARE program, which is the military personnel’s HMO.

This is why the Tampa, FL area is ideal for this program, because there are currently approximately 700,000 beneficiaries who live in that area and receive care through the military facilities or through TRICARE.

The new program will bring speed, accuracy and ease with up-to-date computerized electronic filing versus paper filing of medical records for service members, their families and their beneficiaries to provide quality medical care.

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