Doctor EHR Adoption Could Reach 30% by 2011, Survey Finds

Nearly 18% of U.S. physicians in 2006 had an electronic health record system, and that figure could increase to 30% by 2011, according to a new survey by the Millennium Research Group, United Press International reports.

However, the survey also found that most nonhospital-affiliated small practices will find it difficult to afford the technology and justify the disruption it will cause the practice. Small practices that are not affiliated with hospitals represented nearly 70% of all office-based physicians in 2006.

This will remain true for small practices despite government efforts to aid in the adoption of health IT. However, those efforts, such as allowing hospitals to help affiliated physicians by donating or subsidizing the cost of EHR systems, will help drive growth, the survey suggested (United Press International, 7/17).

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2 responses to “Doctor EHR Adoption Could Reach 30% by 2011, Survey Finds

  1. What a difference a new administration makes! With the passage of the new stimulus bill, I wonder what an updated survey would look like with the big financial incentives and penalties.


  2. Yes, that is on everyones mind, what with the new directive for all healthcare institutions need to be stick to the EMR deadline, this will need to be checked with the implementaton/use of EHR,EPE, PACS EMR and Document flow management system.
    One study reveals that consumers who are defined as “internet-savvy” are ready to take a chance on electronic health records (EHR) despite warnings of potential privacy risks

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